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Call for Proposals

This year’s conference theme, All Aboard: Creating an Engaging Atmosphere for Student Success will encourage dialogue about how we, as learning center professionals, can create an environment that encourages our students to become involved and engaged in their academic community.


To this end, there are four proposal tracks:

Stem to Stern: Creating a Culture of Learner Support

  • This track welcomes proposals focused on understanding the connection of university-wide or departmental culture with student success and learning. The culture of our universities often influence the academic, social, and integrative experiences of our students in many important ways, and sessions will discuss the ways learning centers can act to change culture for the better, making the broader university more empathetic and inclusive of students’ needs.


Abandon Ship! Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones

  • This track welcomes proposals focused on initiatives and programming that aim to empower students through improving their academic habits. Sessions will demonstrate ways to help students change their behaviors within the classroom, when studying, when seeking academic support, and elsewhere so that students become proactive, successful learners.


Safe Harbors: Providing Welcoming Learning Spaces

  • This track welcomes proposals focused on the creative use of space and physical or technological resources to create community and/or engaging learning environments on campus. Sessions may discuss ways learning centers have overcome space restrictions common on campuses today, planning of new spaces, or refreshment of old spaces. Sessions may also discuss the ways learning centers have adopted technology to improve processes and learning.


Set a Course: Measurement and Assessment of Student Success

  • This track welcomes proposals focused on measuring the effectiveness of student support programming and, therefore, student engagement. Sessions will discuss setting outcomes, define appropriate measurements, and explain ways departments can integrate assessment into their programs.

Spring Conference Proposal Submission

Presenters are encouraged to focus presentations around the selected theme of student engagement. Please select the track most closely aligned to your presentation topic. Presenters can choose from:

  • A thirty (30) minute presentation

  • A sixty (60) minute presentation

  • A poster to be presented during the poster session


Peer tutors and student workers are encouraged to submit proposals for presentations or posters. All proposals will be blind reviewed.

Everyone involved with learning center work, including both professionals and student tutors/staff, are encouraged to submit. Although MDCLCA is a Maryland-based affiliate, we do invite conference submissions and participation from learning center staff outside of Maryland, especially those in the Capital Region, including Washington, DC and Virginia.

To Submit

Click Here! After successfully submitting a proposal, you will receive an email confirmation.

  • Proposals must be submitted no later than Friday, December 8th.

  • Presenters will be notified via email by Friday, January 5th.

Please contact for questions or more information.

Important Reminders
  • Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. Fill out all required fields on the form.

  • Presenters are required to register for the conference. The registration fee is waived for student presenters (maximum of two per institution).

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