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Call for Nominations 2021

We are very excited to be holding our fifth cycle of officer nominations for MDCLCA. We will be selecting new officers for the positions of Vice President, Marketing and Communications Officer, and Student Representative.  

Nominations are open until Friday, March 12, 2021. You may nominate yourself or a colleague. Please make sure your colleague is interested in serving on our board before sending us his or her nomination. Scroll down for the nomination form.

At our annual conference on March 26, the nominees will be given a chance to share a few words with the group.  We will begin the voting process at the conference. Voting will continue until March 31 to allow those who were not able to attend the conference a chance to vote.

You may email us at with any questions.

New officers will assume office April 1, 2021. The length of the terms and duties are listed in the descriptions below.


The Vice-President serves a three year term: Year 1 as Vice-President, year 2 as President, and year 3 as Immediate Past-President. The Vice-President shall:

  • Assume the duties of the President in the President's absence;

  • Chair the Professional Development Committee, which includes coordination of the affiliate annual meeting/conference;

  • Coordinate any other professional development activities;

  • Assume the office of President after serving one year as Vice-President; and

  • Serve as a member of the Nomination Committee.


Marketing and Communications Officer

The Marketing and Communications Officer serves a two-year term. The Marketing and Communications Officer shall: 

  • Evaluate and identify new means of enhancing communications among the Board of Directors, NCLCA, and MDCLCA membership and educators working in the field of learning assistance;

  • Create, coordinate, and distribute all promotional material and official correspondence of the MDCLCA;

  • Serve on the Professional Development Committee to assist with the planning of the annual affiliate meeting/conference;

  • Coordinate membership drives for retention and recruitment; and

  • Develop, maintain, and oversee the MDCLCA website.

Student Representative

The Student Representative will serve a one-year term. This officer must be a current student at a MDCLCA institution and shall exemplify outstanding student behavior in GPA (3.0), service to his or her learning center (tutor, student leader, peer mentor, tutee, office worker, etc.) and knowledge of the learning center mission. The Student Representative shall:

  • Advise the Board on student issues such as motivation, attendance, study skills, and general student needs when it comes to learning center support;

  • Vote as a member of the Board of Directors;

  • Attend bi-annual meetings either in-person or via phone call; and

  • Serve on the Professional Development Committee to represent the student perspective in planning the conference and other events.

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